3 Simple Ways To Dress More Sustainably

Work In Progress

When it comes to dressing sustainably I am by no means an expert. I’ve made more than a few poor choices but I am really working hard to make better choices. 

To give you an example, back around 2020 my daughter got this pretty Max Studio faux leather jacket from Marshalls.  It looked like leather and was also really cute and soft.

Fast forward 2 winter seasons later and the faux leather is literally crumbling. It’s unwearable and unrepairable.

Shortly after this happened to her jacket, I noticed  the same thing happening with one of mine.  



Sadly, neither of us has had these jackets for very long and there is very little that we can do to salvage them;however, what we can do is learn from this unfortunate situation.

Dressing sustainably is not just about how and where the fashion is made.  It also involves how we  consume.  This is the piece that I am most concerned with. I also think that it’s the area where we can individually have the most impact. 

Today I am going to share 3 habits that I am personally practicing to be more sustainable in how I dress.  


Get Educated

Learn about fabrics

Learn shapes and fabrics that will flatter your figure





Choose Better

Buy the best quality that you can afford.

Choose classic styles that flatter

Choose flexible pieces that can be worn multiple seasons and multiple occasions



Take Better Care Of Your Clothes

Wash Wisely – Don’t wash too frequently. Separate wisely. Choose right water temperature. Pick detergent based on the job.

Repair  – Learn how to do basic repairs.

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