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Shopping for clothes post Covid can be such a hassle these days. This is especially true if you shop at stores like Ross, Marshalls or TJMaxx like I do. Where I shop the lines are pretty long and they do not allow customers inside the dressing rooms.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very visual. I need to see clothes on me to know if they are going to work AND I personally hate having to buy and then try.

Buying with out the option to try on just increases the odds that I’ll have to make multiple trips to the store. Not only is this inconvenient but it’s also a waste of time. In addition, it’s potentially painful to the pocketbook as it ties up money that I could be using for something else

Because of this I’ve been trying to find a way to make returns easier or at lease reduce the likelihood that I would have to return the pieces that I buy.

Prime Wardrobe

Initially I tried out Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe. Amazon will deliver the clothing and allow you a 7 day try on period. You only get charged for the pieces that you keep.

In terms of convenience, Prime is great. Returns are super easy and you don’t have to pay upfront for the items that you choose.

Unfortunately, Prime didn’t work for me because I felt like my purchasing options were too limited and that the prices weren’t that great.

Online Styling Services

Online Styling Services are another option that I looked into. These companies will also deliver clothing to you and allow you to try them without having to purchase but with these services, you receive the assistance of a personal stylist.

There is often a fee for the styling services. Either you pay a monthly subscription fee or styling fee per box. Stitch Fix may be the most well known option for this type of service, but if you Google you will find several others. Even Amazon offers a service like this called Personal Shopper.

While I did research this option online, I decided not to go with it because I don’t want to pay someone else to style me and I think I could get a better deal on my clothing by shopping around.

If you want to read more about how these services work here is a great review that I found over on Clark Howard’s website. Here is another I found over on the NY Times site.

Body Shape & Body Typing Guidelines

At the end of the day I decided to try shopping at Marshalls and Ross following the principles that I have learned from various body shape and body type systems.

I decided to purchase clothing that are recommended for the lines of my body and I also decided to size up for several of the pieces. To my surprise, everything that I purchased worked! Following these recommendations I was able to purchase a pair of jeans that fit me right off the rack. NEVER have I ever had this experience before.

While there are people that will debate over which styling system is best, I think that they all have merit. One styling approach will not work for every single woman out there. I personally prefer to blend them. In my opinion they are tools that can be used successfully when you have a good grasp of your figure type and what you are trying to accomplish with the clothing that you wear.

For this shopping trip I loosely referenced the Kibbe Styling System and the 7 body shapes system I learned in my styling course.

The Kibbe Styling System is based on the concept that there is no ideal body shape. Following Kibbe’s approach, you learn how to dress in a way that celebrates and follows your unique lines and expresses your essence. I currently think I might fall into the Flamboyant Gamine category.

Kibbe wrote a book detailing his a approach back in the 80’s. If you google or search YouTube, you will find a ton of information out there about his system and how it works. That’s how I discovered him and learned about his approach.

You might even find a copy of his book on Amazon for a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind, the clothing styles are from the 80’s so they are dated but the underlying principles are still timely. Although I see value in owning the book, I won’t spend that much for the book. There is enough information online to satisfy my needs at the moment.

He has an active facebook group but I personally saw no value in being a part of the group. If you are a part of the group and you are reading this post, please don’t come for me! I am entitled to my opinion.😉

How are you guys shopping for clothes post Covid? Let me know below.⬇⬇⬇⬇

Angie Diwann

Here Are A Couple Of The Pieces That I Bought

Oversized Cropped Turtleneck Sweater
Oversized Cropped Sweater+Leopard Lace Ups+Straight Leg Jeans
Oversized Cropped Sweater+Leopard Lace Ups+Straight Leg Jeans
Oversized Cropped Sweater+Leopard Lace Ups+Straight Leg Jeans

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