I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can stay trendy but also dress more sustainably. For me the two concepts have always seemed to be at odds with one another, but recently my perspective has changed. Let me try to explain.

Fads VS Trends

Until recently, I was operating under the misconception that a fashion fad and fashion trend were synonymous. After doing some research on the web, I discovered that I was wrong. By definition, a fashion fad is short lived and usually considered a craze that is often here today and gone tomorrow.

On the other hand, trends have a longer lifespan. By definition, they are popular styles of clothing and accessories at a particular moment in time. The lifestyle of a trend can lasts up to a year or even longer. What makes them even more appealing to me is the fact that they can also be modern interpretations of classic styles.

With this in mind I realized that if I choose on- trend classic clothing and accessories that I love, I will most likely wear these pieces often and beyond their season(s) of popularity.

Pants Made By Me



Today I am sharing a few on trend accessories. Headwear, bags, belts and footwear to be exact. Next week I’ll cover trending sunglasses. Finally, colors and clothing will be covered the following week.

Most of the trends that I feature in the posts will be classic styles with a modern twist, you may even discover that you already have similar pieces in your closet. Along the way, I might even throw in one or two styles that are a little more fun than classic.

I personally love accessories because they are an affordable way to update your look and they keep your outfits from being basic and predictable.

Let’s be honest here, no one really wants to look basic.


Head Scarves

Wide Brim hats

Bucket hats


Straw bag

Geometric bags – box bags

Folded bag that is carried in hands


Waist Belts


Menswear – style shoes

Flip Flops

Trainers/Sneakers: White or neutral in color

Sandals with wide straps and thick soles

What do you think of these Spring /Summer 2021 trends? Will you give any of these trends a try? Let me know down below.⬇⬇⬇

Angie Diwann

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