I’ve always loved the look of full maxi skirts but I decided to purge them from my wardrobe a while back because they were just not the type of skirts that I was wearing very often.  

Recently I had a change of heart when I saw this skirt over on RoPuddles.Com. This skirt has a WOW factor but it is still very wearable.  I love it because it’s made of a medium weight solid colored denim that is a medium shade of blue.  A skirt like this can easily be worn 3-4 seasons and dressed up or down depending on what you pair with it.


When it comes to styling classic pieces, my rule of thumb is to experiment with accessories and to mix them with trends.. This way my outfits don’t become predictable or boring.

Here are a few basic guidelines that I like to follow when I wear full maxis. These are not hard fast rules! They are just my suggestions. Use them as a starting point. It’s always best to try on different outfit combinations to see what you  feel good wearing. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean that you will like it on you.

  • Pair with fitted tops, sweaters, or jackets 
  • When tops are not fitted or have statement sleeves you may want to define the waist by adding a belt, tucking your top, or tying at the waist.
  • Turtlenecks can work well but if long sleeved, might need to push up the sleeves.
  • When wearing long sleeves push/roll up sleeves when possible. Look for long sleeve styles that are open at the neckline.
  • Low heeled shoes, booties, wedge or strappy sandals look best

Maxi + White Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Wrap Top

IA look like this is photo shoot perfect and would be flattering to most figure types. I added a petticoat underneath and an Ankara head wrap on top to give off regal vibes.

Maxi + Black Fitted Sweater + Black Strappy Sandals


Of the 4 looks, this is one of my top 2. I still have to dress up 2-3 times per week. When I do, this look is perfect. I’m dressed up but still comfortable.

This time I paired the skirt with my favorite fitted black wool sweater that I thrifted 3 – 4 years ago. I love this sweater so much because I think it’s super flattering. 

I’m wearing strappy heels in the picture but I could easily swap them with my black flat smoking slippers and look just as good.

Maxi + White Tee + Denim Jacket

For this look I added a fitted thrifted denim jacket that I found a year ago. I can’t believe how well they match each other. SCORE!

I added a fitted white tee with an open neckline and a me made matching head wrap and clutch set.

When I wear this outfit the next time, I’ll probably wear my black tee and tie the head wrap a little differently. Even though, I like this combination.  I’m partial to black because I think its easier to keep clean.  

Maxi + Pink Plaid Flannel Button Up + Leopard Print Lace Ups


This outfit is as comfy as it looks. I really love a warm flannel shirt!  I could have tied the top at the waist for a more fitted look but instead I went with a sloppy tuck. This is a situation where I decided to go with the look that felt most comfortable to me.

I added a pair of leopard print lace ups and my favorite tan leather Stone Mountain purse that I purchased from a yard sell years ago for less than $5.

This look is definitely one of my top 2.


If you want to learn more about this skirt, I’ll be posting a full review here next Friday. In the meantime, you can hop over to RoPuddles.com to see the specs and some other ways this skirt can be styled.

Thanks for dropping by.💖.

Angie Diwann


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