Is your closet a cluttered mess? If it is,  you are not alone.

If you had looked inside my closet almost a year ago, you would have seen a mess.  It was filled with stuff that I  didn’t need, stuff that I didn’t love, and stuff that I couldn’t  really wear.

It was truly embarrassing because I wanted to help other people to get past this same hurdle, but I  knew that I wouldn’t be able to do that if I couldn’t get my own closet together.

I was so discouraged. I almost gave up but in the end I decided to face the challenge and figure it out.

Learning to let go of the stuff has been almost a yearlong process for me, but that is okay. I’ve learned so much through the process and I am ready to share it here.

Over the next 3 posts, I will be sharing tips that you  can use to overcome some of the challenges you may be having and tips to make  clearing the excess clutter from your closet easier.

I’ll also be sharing how I am setting up a Wardrobe Plan for 2023 and why you probably should too.

Posts will go live Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this upcoming week.





“Let go of ANYTHING that no longer serves you and make space for what does” – Oprah Winfrey

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Monday’s Post – I discuss 4 Challenges that might be holding you back from getting started with your closet purge and I offer a list of tips to overcome each one.

Wednesday’s  Post – I share what you need to know to make your next closet purge easier and more successful.  The post will include steps and a free tool that you can use when you do your next closet purge.

Friday’s Post – I show you how you can best use what you learned from your closet purge to set up your own Wardrobe Plan for 2023.

Hope to see you guys back here next week! 🙂



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