Planning has never been my thing. For some reason when ever I  sit down to do it, I get really overwhelmed. 

I am  trying  not to let that stop me because when I take the time to plan, my day is more successful and hitting my goals becomes a lot easier.

Planning out a wardrobe is no exception. When a wardrobe is thoughtfully planned out, it makes the process of shopping for clothes and getting dressed a lot easier.

When you are clear on your needs,  you will be less likely to  make purchases just because you think a piece is pretty or a good price. You will know what pieces you should buy and what pieces to skip.

The best way to get clear on the pieces that work for you and your life, is to do a wardrobe edit. 

I explain and talk about how to do one in  my previous blog post,  make sure to check it out.  


I’ve been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear.

~Author Unknown


Heads up, it will take a little extra time  to do the wardrobe edit, but it will pay off in the longrun.

And think about this, when you base your future purchasing decisions on styles, fabrics, colors, and brands that you know already  work for you, how could you possibly go wrong?




Let’s Talk About Wardrobe Plans & Why You Need One!

A wardrobe plan is a flexible guide that you will create and follow to build and maintain your wardrobe. It is based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR preferences. It should be reviewed seasonally and can be adjusted as needed.

The first step in creating a Wardrobe Plan is to do a wardrobe edit. Your edit will help you to determine what’s currently working in your wardrobe and purge what’s not.

After you complete your wardrobe edit, you will research outfit inspiration to determine how you want to use the pieces that are left over from the edit and also determine what other pieces you want/need to add.

Finally you will explore options for sourcing new  clothes and develop a spending plan.



I just recently started putting together my own Wardrobe Plan because I feel like using one can help me to finally create a sustainable wardrobe of pieces that are easy, enjoyable, and true to who I am.

Wardrobe planning will be one of the main focuses here on the blog and in my personal life.

In addition to focusing on wardrobe editing, sourcing, and possible ways to restyle/style pieces; I would also like to explore clothing selection based on design principles and clothing maintenance here on the blog.

I’m really, really excited for what’s to come and I look forward to sharing my experiences along with tips and tools that you guys can use for building and maintaining your own wardrobe.

AngieDiwann 🙂



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